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Avant Browser 2010 Build 3

Downloads: 634424
File size: 2.51MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Avant Browser 2010 Build 3 Change Log
* [Fix]Being unable to connect to Internet via a proxy with password
* [Fix]Being unable to log into Online Storage behind a proxy
* [Fix]Being unable to exit from full video screen with Esc key
* [Fix]Black blank appeared while switching between restore and maximize window actions
* [Fix]Saving downloaded files to default directory didn't work on Windows 7
* [Fix]Roboform toolbar disappeared in new created tab if the opened link coded as target="_blank"
* [Fix]The unfocused tab can't be closed by directly clicking the close tab button
* [Fix]The input field lost focus if alt key was pressed during typing text
* [Fix]Releasing right mouse button tended to bring up the right click menu while switching tabs via the combination of mouse buttons
* [Fix]Hovering mouse over a link to bring up the context menu failed on xp/ie6 system
* [Fix]The Print window messed up for FDF files
* [Fix]The Auto-Execute Script addon didn't work
* [Fix]Unchecking a proxy option failed
* Some minor fixes

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