Avant Browser 2010 Build 8 Download

Avant Browser

Avant Browser 2010 Build 8

Downloads: 456240
File size: 2.52MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

Avant Browser 2010 Build 8 Change Log
* [Fix] Pressing alt+f4 won't exit Avant Browser
* [Fix] Keywords displayed in search results are inconsistent with the ones typed into Address Bar
* [Fix] Logging out failed
* [Fix] Other applications might be brought to foreground when using mouse gesture to close a tab
* [Fix] Mouse gesture became useless if no tab was open
* [Fix] Pressing [Enter] to re-open last closed pages caused them to be opened twice
* [Fix] Sometime configurations made for UI won't be saved
* Added Google Search Option into the drop down list of Avant Browser Options->Standard Search panel
* The Monai XP and Tristan skin are back

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